The first twist…

Today my daughter made me feel awesome.

My wife picked her up from preschool and when they got home she came running in to find me, leapt up onto me and gave me a kiss and a hug. As she’s halfway through her “threenager” stage, this was lovely and unexpected. I usually have to bargain for kisses. It’s not unusual to hear me say “yes you can have another Octonauts on, but daddy needs a kiss first”.

I then get the lowdown on the happenings at preschool; “yes I had fun”, “they had sand in the tray today”, “there were jigsaws daddy! Jigsaws!”. Then my wife let’s me know what the teacher said to her. This could be bad…

The last time my wife was talked to by the teacher was because DD had corrected the teachers when they sang nursery rhymes. The teachers sang their way merrily through ‘Mary had a little lamb’ only to be told “you missed the bit where she eats him”. Arse. I’d taken to singing alternative versions of nursery rhymes as it livened up dull car journeys and I’d forgotten one of the golden rules of parenting:

If you say something, your children will hear it. If your children hear something, they will remember it. If they remember it, they will repeat it at the most inappropriate moment possible.

So there I am, waiting to hear which splendid nugget of my wisdom she’s shared this time, when I get a surprise. “DD had pancakes as her snack today. She told the teachers that they were nice, but not as nice as yours.”

She got pancakes and chocolate sauce for lunch as her reward for such high praise.

Could this be topped? Oh yes. After all, don’t these things come in threes?

During our usual afternoon playfood picnic extravaganza, I sat on the sofa watching both children playing, enjoying one of the precious moments when no one was crying or fighting, when DD strolled casually over to me. She hugged up to me, looked up at me and said “you’re my best friend daddy”. My heart melted right there and had she asked for one, I’d have sold a kidney to buy her a pony.

So there it is. I’ve had a fantastic day and my beautiful daughter has made me feel like the best dad in the world! And I’ve also felt the first twist around her little finger.

I’m doomed.


One thought on “The first twist…

  1. I now just what you mean. I think Ellie will be like that in Nursery: they start next month. She’s can be very stroppy but also very affectionate, & it’s those moments that make it all worth it, right?

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