Cunt Of The Week #3

Had a difficult choice this week. I noticed quite a few prime examples of extreme cuntishness this week in the media. Rio Ferdinand was the leader of the race for his abuse of the referee in Man United’s champions league clash with Real Madrid, but then I got ill and I changed my mind.

The award this week goes to my immune system. I’m meant to be having a busy and productive week of job hunting and what do I get? Ill. My head is banging, my sinuses are trying to implode my face, my throat is full of razor blades and I’m producing more mucus than the R&D department at Kleenex!

So fuck you immune system you piece of shit! You’re meant to stop this happening, not let germs run rampant in my body like it’s some kind of soft play centre for microbes! You are a cunt. You are a bigger cunt than Rio Ferdinand and he is such a colossal cunt that his cuntishness causes total eclipses when he passes in front of the sun! I mean, who the fuck thinks it’s acceptable to shout at a referee? To run up to him and verbally abuse him an inch from his face? To clap right in front of his nose because you don’t agree with the person most qualified to make footballing judgements on the pitch? What kind of Cunty McCunterson would think that was an acceptable way for a role model for thousands of children to behave? Does the Respect campaign mean nothing to you?

Really it’s no wonder such a cunt would come second to my snot.


2 thoughts on “Cunt Of The Week #3

  1. Rio is a twat indeed but I agree that the immune system wins here. Nothing worse than having plans (and important ones at that) only to become ill. Cunt indeed btw I am enjoying this weekly feature!

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