Songs of love

I was thinking about telling you how I got on at the doctor’s today, what with the depression, but then I discovered that this is the inaugural international day of happiness. Why would you want to hear about my mental health on such a day? So no, no talk of such things today. Instead I’ve decided to tell you about a few songs that make me think of my wife, my beloved, my one.

Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson

This is the song which got us together. We were sat in the university bar with a group of mutual friends, neither of us really knew the other only having met 2 weeks prior to this, and we’d been chatting casually across the table. When this video played on the tv above our table Sam swapped seats with my neighbour to get a better view. We spent the rest of the evening talking, holding hands and starting the rest of our lives as one.

Fun Lovin Criminals – we have all the time in the world

This was the first dance at our wedding. It’s a beautiful song and Huey Morgan’s vocals are fantastic. It didn’t hold any special meaning to us before, it was just a great song for a great day, but now it’ll always be a special song.

Green Day – last night on earth

This song always makes me think of Sam. The sentiments held in the lyrics are reflective of how I feel about her.

“You are the moonlight of my life”

She’s never been the sunlight in my life, but the light in the darkness. The world would be a dark and cold place without her, but she lights up the night and my life.

“With every breath that I am worth
Here on Earth
I’m sending all my love to you
So if you dare to second guess
You can rest assured
That all my love’s for you”

The last song on the list is Glen Campbell’s Wichita lineman.

This song has one of the most wonderful song lyrics ever written, a line that reveals the true yearning you feel for the one you love. This more than any other lyric sums up how I feel about my wife:

“And I need you more than want you And I want you for all time”

Thanks for reading, I’ll bugger off now and stop being so soppy.


7 thoughts on “Songs of love

  1. That’s lovely dude, it does us good to think about things like this from time to time 🙂

    The FLC version of We Have All The Time in the World featured at my wedding too, it’s a great, great song.

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