Nice and easy

I love visiting my family, everything’s so nice and easy when we’re here. We get looked after really well; had a full turkey roast yesterday with all the trimmings, there’s plenty of quality booze, a full sky subscription with sports and movies! Awesome.

Also, my family are chilled out. There’s never an awkward silence, never a stream of continuous noise because someone feels they have to speak, no one gets offended, and we all sit around and have a laugh. My sister’s home from uni and my brother is on easter holiday from school so I get to spend some rare time with them, catching up, checking if they’re taller than me yet, and enjoying their company. My mum doesn’t work (apart from wrangling my brother) so I’ll be able to spend some quality time with her, and she gets to play with her grandchildren, something she’s not been able to do since Christmas due to commitments that have kept her from visiting. My stepdad has to work this week, but he made sure he played with the kids yesterday and he sees them in the morning before he heads off.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see one of my oldest and dearest friends who I went to school with and who is fairy godmother to my son. She’s lovely and gets very excited to see the kids, and they both adore her.

The rest of the week is currently a blank page and this pleases me. No stress. No commitments. No need to paste on a smile because it’s already there.

Now if only I could convince the boy to stop trying to destroy the sitting room…


2 thoughts on “Nice and easy

  1. I wish my family was closer to spend time like this with them. We only get to see them once maybe twice a year and that’s just the grandparents! Enjoy x

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