I’ve never really done the whole Halloween thing. Sure, as a kid I’d dress up and go to the school Halloween disco and dance the monster mash with 47 other vampires, but I didn’t go trick or treating. My family didn’t deck the house out with spiderwebs and rubber bats, nor did we have a bowl of sweets ready by the door to placate hordes of miniature zombies. I’ve never felt the need to do this as an adult either and my home remains undecorated.

However, I now find myself with a daughter in school and the knowledge that other children are talking about Halloween in reverent tones. I’m also aware that she takes notice of the colourful displays in the supermarkets that foist the principles of dressing up and scoffing candy upon us.

So far I’m getting away easy with just a request for a pumpkin that we can carve together. I enjoy crafting with DD so I’m happy to indulge this request, but I wonder how aware of the other aspects of Halloween she really is. The school don’t seem to be making a big deal of it so I might get away with it this year. She’s also rather distracted by the idea of bonfire night at the moment too, mostly because she knows that she’ll be staying up late with daddy.

So how do I deal with Halloween when she does take note of it? Do I get costumed up and throw myself into it with great gusto? Do I encourage her to ignore this vastly over-commercialised “holiday”? Do I encourage her to go begging for sweets door to door?

Why are the answers to these questions never in parenting manuals?


4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I think you can take the lead from her – at least to an extent. It is quite possible if she gets very into it, then it will inspire you. She also might follow your lead of being casual.
    Either way, enjoy the bonfire and any candy that comes your way.

  2. we carve pumpkins. with happy faces. i had some scary tape decoration on the front door last year. only to attract trick or treaters really.

    hubby took our boys who were 3 and 5 last year on a route, in the car to friends and family houses, at times agreed. No door to door begging. i don’t like that side of it.

    that was our compromise. we’ll do the same thing again this year…….

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