Not so silent Sunday

I’ve only been in the blogging game for a few weeks, but I’ve noticed many other bloggers participating in certain days such as ‘music Monday’ and ‘silent Sunday’, and seen the extra attention this draws to their blogs.

So far I’ve not joined in with any of these days. Why?

Well I suppose laziness has something to do with it. I can’t be arsed to plan ahead and make sure I have some related blogworthy photo or item to share with the world.

Also I do most of my blogging through the WP app on my phone and although it’s great and lets me blog away to my heart’s content, I can’t post any HTML script on here for those lovely linky bits that people have created to explain what the day is about. Seems a shame not to use them.

The last reason is that I tend to blog about what’s in my head or heart at that particular time. I need to get it out and on paper/screen before it consumes whichever aforementioned organ produced it! So when I blog it’s because I need to not because I want to join in.

I love looking at everyone else’s Silent Sunday pictures, but don’t expect any from me anytime soon as my verbal and mental diarrhoea never arrives in picture form. Also I can’t remember the last time I had anything close to a silent Sunday, but I’m guessing it was about three and a half years ago, just before my daughter blessed us with her vocal cords.